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Electrical socket replacement by Southern Suburbs electricians in Cape Town.

Our Southern Suburbs electricians are available for all urgent electrical repairs, home rewiring and maintenance of automated household appliances. Our team of reputable electricians are certified to advise on any electrical problems that you may encounter, then follow through with the required repairs, speedily and according to the electrical repair quote.

Our objective is to ensure the safety of all our clients, an understanding of unresolved problems will help in explaining the risks, when compromised electrical systems are left unattended.

Electrical Fires

In the Western Cape we see an increase in household and dwelling fires during winter. Not only amongst squatter camps, but also with formal residences. This is largely attributable to a greater use of electrical heating elements, often due to overloading of electrical power points, extension cords and wall plugs.

Often buildings older than 20 years have had ad hoc upgrades to their electrical requirements, in some case without due consideration to the capacity of the existing systems. Consider when microwaves, multiple TV's, computers, entertainment systems, gaming consoles and air conditioners were added to existing electrical systems.
In some cases, circuit breakers will kick out, in others, where a faulty or oversized circuit breaker is used, the wiring and plugs may be the first to go. In the latter case, this could start an electrical fire.

Some of the causes of electrical fires can be managed by the Home Owner, such as ensuring that any damaged electrical cables are repaired, loose wiring resolved and plugs that smell or make a sound during use, or have residual black marking on one of the terminals. These should be immediately replaced. If the wall sockets are loose or faulty, ensure that these are also resolved.

Any electrical problems beyond this will only be identified by a qualified electrician. Our Southern Suburbs electricians are on call to assist in identifying and resolving any electrical faults that may exist.

Electricity is not seen and thus makes fault finding difficult to the untrained individual. Our perogative is to take this risk from you. Even amongst professional jobs, most injuries are amongst electricians. We constantly remind our team of these facts and ensure high levels of safety.

Our electricians operate in the following Southern suburbs areas:

  • City Bowl
    Atlantic Seaboard
    Camps Bay
    Sea Point

Should you be nearby to these areas, please contact us for an electrical contractor to assist.

We also have Northern Suburbs Electricians available 24/7.



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